PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® is the proven peptide-based pediatric formula designed to promote absorption and tolerance for children with GI dysfunction. PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® is a 100% whey protein, enzymatically hydrolyzed to facilitate gastric emptying and promote tolerance1-3, has a unique balanced peptide profile for efficient absorption4,5,  and is high in MCT to help minimize fat malabsorption6. PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® is formulated with CalciLock™ blend, a unique combination of essential nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins C, D & K to help support healthy bone development. Supported with 15 years of clinical experience and more than 12 clinical studies in pediatrics*

*Studies using the PEPTAMEN® family of products in pediatric populations.

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Evidence-Based Nutritional Solutions for GI-compromised Children by Dr. Ryan Carvalho

2015 Feeding Tolerance Retrospective Study

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