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We provide solutions for people with different dietary needs.

Oral Impact
ORAL IMPACT™ Nutritional Supplement is a nutritionally complete enteral formula for cancer patients.
ThickenUp Instant Puree
THICKENUP® Instant Puree is a nutritional spoon meal for swallowing and chewing difficulties adults
BENEPROTEIN® Instant Protein Powder is a concentrated high-quality whey protein powder.
Nutrisource Fiber
NUTRISOURCE® Fiber Powder is 100% PHGG soluble fiber that helps promote gut health
Nutren Diabetes
NUTREN® Diabetes Nutritional Supplement is intended for people concerned about blood sugar (GI=28)
Nutren Optimum
NUTREN® Optimum Nutritional Supplement is a nutritionally balance formula can help enhance immunity
NUTREN® Junior formula suitable for children who cannot consume adequate calories from food.
Resource ThickenUp
RESOURCE® THICKENUP® is designed for the dietary management of dysphagia and swallowing difficulties

Nutritional Therapies

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