ThickenUP® Junior

ThickenUP® Junior

Scientifically designed to help young children with dysphagia or reflux. Helping young children from 6 months onwards safely enjoy the experience of original tastes.

Not suitable for those with a history or risk of necrotizing enterocolitis.





• Efficient reduces reflux and aspiration, helping children meet their nutritional and hydration needs
• Simple to use, easy to prepare in wide variety of liquids
• Designed to reaches all IDDSI thickness levels 1 to 4
• No added flavour and colour, preserves the original taste of liquids
• Proven amylase resistance ensures stable consistency.


• Young children with dysphagia or reflux
• From 6 months onward


Maltodextrin, Carob Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum


Mixing instruction

Mixing instruction:
1.Measured amount of liquid (room temperature).
2.Add the required amount of powder. Only use the scoop included in the tin.
3.Shake vigorously. Allow to thicken 5-10 minutes. Gently shake just once before serving.

Recommended Dosage

Breast milk
If you are breastfeeding beyond 6 months, ThickenUP® Junior has been shown to perform well in breast milk. However, please note that you will need to test and adapt the dosing to your breast milk, because of the wide variations in the nutritional composition of breast milk among mothers. Remember as well that your breast milk composition will vary depending on the stage of lactation and your diet.
Please use the IDDSI thickness test to help you obtain the desired thickness of your breast milk. Or consult with medical professional.
To learn more about the IDDSI standards please visit the IDDSI website:

❈ 1 scoop = 2.5g
* Hong Kong tap water, boiled and cool down.
^These values represent the average dosing obtained from testing with Nestlé/SMA milk formulas (e.g SMA 2, Beba 2, SMA High Energy) and must be adapted according to the formula used.
# level 4 was not tested as follow-on formula at this thickness is considered unsuitable for infant consumption.
Whole or semi-skimmed milk
Orange Juice prepared was without pulp and at room ambient temperature.

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